3 Key Elements of Web Design Branding

3 Key Elements of Web Design Branding

In today’s modern digital era, having a high-converting website is paramount in achieving overall business success. When it comes to this, the answer isn’t just about creating a website but also having the best web design. In fact, incorporating web design branding is part of the overall equation that entails designing your website with the sole intention of promoting your brand. If you have a website, but users do not know about it, then it defeats the purpose of having it in the first place. 

In this article, we will share three key elements of web design branding that you should consider and integrate into your website:

Logo placement

When it comes to your logo’s placement, the rule of thumb is to put it on the left-hand side of the header section of the website. Putting it in the centre or the right side usually won’t work because more and more users have been accustomed to seeing logos in that particular placement on a page.  

According to Neilson Norman Group, 89 per cent of the users more likely to remember logos shown in the usual top-left position when compared to placing them on the right. A related study suggested that getting back to the homepage is about six times harder when the logo is placed in the centre of a page compared to when it’s in the top left corner. Overall, the placement of your logo matters in promoting your brand.

Aesthetic design

When it comes to web designing, you have to ensure that each element on your site is consistent with your brand. It also should reflect your business’s image and identity while upholding your core values, ideals, and philosophy. 

Creating aesthetic value without veering away from your authentic branding can be a tricky process. Yet, the standard process is to think about what your brand is and incorporate a design that represents your business and resonates with your target market. Ultimately, it is important to be authentic, and your customers will respond consequentially.

About Us page

Digital marketers know that branding is all about storytelling. This means that you have to come up with an effective message and convey that message to your target audience. This is where your “about us” page comes into the picture. 

Unfortunately, some businesses fail to realise the importance of their “About Us” pages. As far as branding is concerned, this is the page where you can tell what your company is and how it caters to its much-valued audience as a business.  


At this point, you now realise that web design branding is a tricky process that needs careful considerations. To make it work, however, consider the logo placement, the aesthetic design, and the about us page on your website. Factor in all the valuable information discussed above and let your web design branding put your business to the pillar of success! 

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