4 Key Features of a Robust Business Website

4 Key Features of a Robust Business Website – Our Guide

Starting and running a business is a challenging process because you will need to promote and grow your brand over time. Part of the overall equation of your business is creating and designing a business website. Yet, keep in mind that it isn’t only an online representation of your business, but it is also the face of your brand because it reflects your identity.

Your business website serves as a hub for your products and an avenue drawing a wide range of customers in. For these reasons, it is important to create not just a business website but also a solid one. At times, you may also need the services of a website design company to ensure that your website fulfils its purpose.

In this article, we will share with you four key features of a solid business website:

1. Good SEO ranking

When designing your business website, always have Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as one of your top priorities. Why? What good is a beautiful and functional website if it cannot be found by your consumers in the first place?

A solid site has online visibility through top SEO ranking that will drive traffic to your website, and that presents many opportunities to your target market and your business as well. For this reason, look for a website design company that can perform effective SEO practices for your website.

2. Aesthetically appealing web design

A good site is one that has visually appealing web design. No users would want to visit a cluttered site that has a dull interface and is filled with boring texts, images, and even videos. A solid website should be clean, which can be achieved through minimalist design. All the elements on each page should also be well-structured and streamlined, and that can be pulled off through effective web design practices.

3. Great user experience

Nothing beats a business website that provides a great user experience (UX). In fact, it is what every site owner should achieve and what every user expects when they visit a website. Keep in mind that the following features can affect the user experience, such as fast loading time, easy navigation, presence of calls-to-action (CTAs), minimalist design, good layout, and relevant pieces of content. If all these features are present on your site, you can expect users to have a good experience when navigating through your website.

4. Brand’s story and valuable content

Although the technical aspects are the backbone of your website, it is the content that truly matters. People may have stumbled upon your web page because they are looking for information, products, or services that your business offers in your industry.

If your website tells a great story about your brand, it has a higher chance of resonating well with the target market. Furthermore, if you publish valuable pieces of content, more and more relevant users will find their way on your site. After all, content is king in the digital world.


There’s more to a solid website than many would expect. As outlined above, it has good SEO rankings, visually appealing designs, excellent user experiences, and valuable pieces of content. When you’re looking for website designers, make sure that they incorporate all these features on your website so that your business will grow and succeed in no time!

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