4 Reasons to Practice Consistency in Your Web Design

4 Reasons to Practice Consistency in Your Web Design

Modern businesses are moving towards the digital space to interact with their customers. This makes a company’s website a critical aspect of increasing and developing customer trust on a service through their online presence. Regardless of what industry your website is for, you should make sure that consistency is one element of your site that should be applied over all your design choices. 

The impact of consistency in web design 

Consistency can be found in different aspects of your website, from your navigation to your copies, to the application of your brand book’s elements.
In this article, we will share with you four reasons you need to exercise consistency on your website’s design:

It creates anticipation from your customers

Your typeface and font colour options aren’t the only elements that are affected by consistent design. This is because regularly updating your site is a necessary requirement in managing a website. Customer engagement is one of the critical factors in building trust and loyalty from your customer base. 

Having a consistent schedule for updates or newsletters allows your customers to be in the loop for the latest products and services that your company has to offer. Make sure that you keep your news posts as headlines to your homepage so that your site visitors will be greeted with something new whenever they visit your website.

It increases your site’s impact

Design consistency creates a smoother process in allowing your customers to understand your brand’s message. When your site goes through too many changes, it can make your customers confused about using your website. 

Make sure that the essentials on your site, such as contact information, internal linking options, and brand book elements remain present even if you undergo adjustments to your web’s layout. Find the right combination in making your website work, then refine these elements as you move forward by listening to your teams’ and your customers’ suggestions.

It makes your site management easier

One practical reason consistency is a useful design element to follow for your websites is that it allows you to make faster and smoother changes to your site. If your pages follow a uniform format, it’ll be easier for you to reuse effective templates in generating new content or replacing new pages. 

Using consistent design also allows you to reuse assets effectively without appearing as if you’re spamming content. Since your format for pages, logos, and buttons are uniform, you’ll be able to find areas on your site that need improvement by changing and upgrading features that your customers aren’t receptive to.

It promotes higher conversion rates

Consistency plays a part not only on your ability to manage and maintain your site but also towards your customers’ User Interface (UI) experience. A website’s primary purpose is to convert its visitors into loyal customers. For eCommerce websites, the best way to handle this is by designing an easy-to-use UI. 

An effective UI should be visually appealing, and it should also follow a consistent process that leads to a call-to-action. Professional web designers know how to divert a customer’s attention from one page to land on the desired goal by adequately structuring the flow of pages that they’ll go through. 

By making sure that your content caters to the process of allowing your customers to have a comfortable use of your UI, you’re promoting higher conversion rates by making it easy for users to navigate through your website. 


The key to finding the right recipe in what elements to keep consistent in your design is by assessing your site’s function through your customer’s point of view. The better your experience is in using your website, the easier it will be for your customers to commit to your service. 

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