Employing a copywriter for SEO

Employing a copywriter for SEO services will change your world

You might think you can write good content for your website, but do you know how/if the search bots will see it. Employing a copywriter for SEO will help your site organically rank better.

Search bots ie; Google search bots are robots that crawl over web pages every second of the day.

Do you speak robot?

No neither do I, but a copywriter that is trained to optimise the content does.

A SEO copywriter that knows how Google (and other search engines) reads a web page is value to your business and in my opinion money well spent. Knowing certain keywords that are scattered across your website will increase the bots to notice the content and rank accordingly. This is also part of the on-page-optimisation perform when you do search-engine-optimisation or SEO (SEO copywriter services).

Out in the field – I speak with small businesses owners daily and would say almost 80% would say they hate or would not know where to start to write about their business and therefore for pages on their website.

For example; let’s say you’re a builder, you’re great on the tools and great at building / renovating houses but when it comes to writing about what you do you would probably come up with a solid paragraph, a paragraph is not going to cut it! I would go as far as say you’d be pulling your hair to come up with more than a few paragraphs. THEN, worry if that’s good enough for search results.

Employing a quality content writer that knows key words for your industry and business is the key to solid page indexing of your website.

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