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How Responsive Web Design Works For Your Business

Its a well known fact that an ever increasing number of individuals are getting to the web utilising their mobile phones notwithstanding or instead of PCs. However, what they’re doing on those mobile phones is significantly all the more convincing for advertisers. As indicated by Google’s Mobile Path to Purchase report, web crawlers are the most well-known beginning stages for mobile phone clients (48%), trailed by marked sites (33%) and marked applications (26%). Resulting in organisations who have responsive sites create more leads and keep up an extending upper hand over organisations that don’t.

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What is the use of responsive web design?

Responsive web design is the way a website is constructed, this means it automatically scales the content and design to match the size (respond) of the screen size.

What is the benefit of responsive design?

A responsive website is important, with so many searches made on mobile devices, the layout adjusts according to screen size being viewed at. Basically, this will help visitors when they land on your website, it will look great on desktop and mobile, and tablet browser.

Does Google prefer responsive design?

Responsive web design makes your website much easier for visitors to read and navigate. So yes Google does prefer responsive website over non responsive websites. This improved user experience means your visitors will engage with you more.

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