How to Boost Engagement in Your E-Commerce Website

How to Boost Engagement in Your E-Commerce Website

The goal of every e-commerce business is to sell their products to customers and make a profit. But in order to attract people who would want to buy what you’re offering, you have to deliver more than just shiny ads.  

Consumer behaviours are evolving at a rapid pace, and these days, they are more likely to do business with a company that interacts with them. Instead of solely focusing on crafting enticing ads and improving your product, it’s also a must that you come up with ways to engage with your target audience to promote business growth.  

Not only will it help garner more traffic for the content you put out, but it will also aid in building an audience. 

So what does it take to increase your engagement with your customers? Below are actionable tips you can follow to boost your e-commerce website’s interactivity: 

Leverage social media 

Social media exists to personify your brand, and so you must use it to its fullest potential. Rather than only promoting your products and services across your accounts, you must also infuse a friendlier tone and avoid using technical jargon, unless necessary.  

Your customers will be more willing to engage with you if they feel like they’re talking to a human, not a bot. Try to become as relatable as possible but don’t make it seem like you’re trying too hard. Find the sweet spot between being friendly and professional. 

Share user-generated content (UGC) 

Customers love it when they feel involved. You can include them in the picture by sharing their content on your websites and social media. An easy way of doing this is by coming up with a hashtag unique to your business or a particular campaign, and encouraging customers to use it when they share photos and videos of your product or service on their respective accounts.  

You can then take your pick from the pile and share it on social media — with the user’s permission, of course. By sharing UGC, you’ll simultaneously delight your existing consumer base and make other potential leads see that you’re providing exceptional service. 

Conduct surveys and polls 

If you want to collect feedback, you can use polls and surveys instead of soliciting them through traditional means. You can even make it as fun and interactive as you like, including using an Instagram poll or ask feature or installing a pop-up box right on your website. Incorporating this tactic doesn’t cost a thing, and it will help you understand your customers better.  

Offer visual assistance 

While providing 24/7 customer service with actual human support staff may not be feasible for small businesses, a great workaround would be to use chat-bots to offer assistance to customers throughout their buying journey. 83% of shoppers expect some kind of help when they purchase online, having support readily available will make them more likely to complete the transaction.  

Wrapping up  

Don’t treat interactivity as an afterthought. It’s essential in building a loyal consumer base and improving the overall customer experience. 
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