How to Improve Your Web Design for Lead Generation

How to Improve Your Web Design for Lead Generation

Your website is a powerful tool to attract more customers and generate sales to meet your bottom line. When designed correctly, you’ll find that it could work just as hard as your other marketing campaigns and sales initiatives, especially when it comes to growing your consumer base and showcasing your products and services.  

Then again, the operative word here is designing correctly. That means that if you want your website to garner more leads for your business, you have to incorporate certain elements and design it in a way that would appeal to potential customers.  

Here are some actionable tips on how to generate leads using powerful web design: 

Make the website responsive or mobile-friendly 

Website responsiveness is no longer a nice to have—it’s now considered a must-have. Mobile devices are more prevalent than computers these days, and they’re only rising in popularity. Given that people are increasingly becoming dependent on their gadgets to search for information, it’s in your best interest to make your website responsive on whatever screen they could potentially browse it from.  

What’s more, Google is penalising sites that fail to comply with responsiveness, meaning your website won’t rank as high in search results despite your SEO efforts. You will most likely lose out on leads and business if you refuse to make your website mobile-friendly. 

Add a compelling call to action 

If you want your website visitors to take action, you actually have to tell them what to do next by way of a call to action (CTA) link or button. Ideally, your website should give visitors the next step to take, whether it’s subscribing to a newsletter or downloading an e-book. For it to work, though, you have to avoid sounding too sales orientated. 

You may want to experiment with a variety of CTAs to figure out which one works best for your site. They should all be compelling enough to make the visitor want to take the next step that you want them to do. You’ll also be likely to get more conversion if you place the CTA and lead form on the above fold of your site.  

Collaborate with a reputable web designer 

Ultimately, your website’s efficiency will depend on how adept the web designer is in terms of putting elements together. Since visitors only take a fraction of a second to decide whether or not your website is worth spending time on, it needs to be beautifully-designed from the get-go. It should deliver excellent user experience; otherwise, you risk driving away potential prospects.  

The right web designer or website design company for your business knows how to translate the essence of your brand into a thoughtfully-designed page. They also have the know-how to ensure that it is well-optimised to rank high in search results and provide the best browsing experience for every visitor.  

It’s tempting to go the DIY route to save on costs, but if you want your website to generate leads on your behalf, it would be better to entrust it to a professional who knows how it should be done.  

In conclusion 

As long as your website is designed well, it can work to generate leads and convert sales. The secret is collaborating with a reputable website design company to ensure that it’s optimised for capturing more prospects.  

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