Is your website SEO focused?

Is your website SEO focused?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Being Search Engine Optimisation focused across your website is one of the best ways for search engines bots (eg: Google) to notice your content and remember where your site is ranked. On going optimisation of your website will help your rankings to stay intact.

There is plenty of SEO things you can do yourself to your website, for example if you have a WordPress website you’ll have access to a CMS and plugins. We recommend installing SEO Yoast plugin (free plugin but the paid pro option has more features) for each page of your site you’ll need to;

Optimising on page

  • Set your H1 (heading tags) heading of your page
  • Set your Meta title; the title of the page contents
  • Set your Meta description; brief description of the contents on this page
  • Set your URL page extension

Writing good compelling content that is relevant to your business will certainly also help with the optimisation of your web pages. These are things that can be done by yourself and are easy to do.

Where Search Engine Optimisation can get complexed (and when you have high competition) you would not only need to optimise your content but also build backlinks. Backlinks are linking your web page with an authority website so the ‘link juice’ (yes I said link juice 🙂 is pushing bots to your website. Make sense?

To break it down further…

Picture this: a local online (and off line) paper in your area would reach say 10k visitors to their website each day, obviously that’s a lot of visitors, looks of visitors equals more bots to crawl over the web pages because it’s popular.

Now let’s say for example your business has an article about your industry and mentions your business, should there be a hyperlink from this article to your website, the crawling bots will crawl this page then see the link to your page and go over and crawl your web pages. This would be a massive benefit to having multiple back links to your website.

Still confused? That’s ok we where too when we first learnt this many years ago. Good thing we have search engine experts that will help your business with Search Engine Optimisation. Let’s talk! [email protected]

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