An Australian Business’s Guide to One-Page Web Design

An Australian Business’s Guide to One-Page Web Design

In the global web development industry, there are so many trends that exist that any business, brand, creative, and developer can use to their advantage.  

 With marquees and clipart fonts of the past having the same impact as the minimal designs and flash elements of today, it’s no secret that web development as a whole is driven by the trends that run within it. Out of all the different trends that have come and gone in the past 30-something years in Australia’s own “web-dev” scene, however, there’s one trend that continues to remain relevant: one-page web design 

One-page web design, explained

One-page design, as the name dictates, is a web design approach that revolves around the use of a single page for all the elements of a website— essentially encompassing everything from “about us” all the way to “contact us.” 

Generally speaking, one-page designs can be found in websites of companies that offer a single product or service for the public and their target audience to use and enjoy. Certain companies that offer products such as consulting services and apps, in particular, enjoy one-page web design because of how well it helps get their message across without complexities in navigation.  

Given that one-page web design is built for specific purposes and minimal content, however, it’s vital to note that its heavily-streamlined nature isn’t exactly for every kind of business.  

How can you know that a one-page web design is for you?

As attractive as the idea of a one-page web design may be, it’s essential to understand whether or not your business should be utilising it. 

The best way to figure out whether or not you should be using a one-page web-design or a single-page website is to take the exact amount of content you have into consideration. If the overall amount of content that your website has is too much for one page, then you’re probably better off going for another web design— which can be determined with the help of a competent Australian digital marketing agency, such as The Online Hub!  

The pros and cons of one-page web design

A one-page web design—just like any other kind of option—comes with its own set of pros and cons. If you’ve been looking to give your website a much-needed revamp or renovation in the near future, here are a few pros and cons of one-page web design that you should take into consideration: 


As a trend that continues to adapt to the tides of time by constantly reinventing itself, a one-page web design sets itself apart from other available design options thanks to various key advantages, such as: 

  • Its enhanced level of simplicity, thanks to the fact that any visitor can find everything they need to know about or access on one page—essentially cutting out the potential learning curve for navigating a website 
  • With the navigation process cut down to no more than mere scrolling, one-page web designs are one of the most mobile-friendly options out there 
  • Regardless of whether your main KPI or conversion metrics are comprised of sales, subscriptions, or sign-ups, single-page websites can help deliver higher conversion rates 
  • As opposed to other types of web designs that have multiple pages that make it quite difficult to run an effective maintenance process, one-page designs are far easier to maintain because, well, they’re only composed of a single page!  


Now, while the idea of a one-page web design may seem undoubtedly appealing and poses itself as one of the best options around, the sad truth about them is that they come with a few deal-breaking cons: 

  • In spite of its convenience, single-page websites are limited in terms of scalability because they barely have any room for additional content— making it much more difficult to add key elements such as blogs 
  • Given that it barely has enough room for ample content, one-page web designs fall on the short end of the SEO stick as their minimal nature holds them back from ranking effectively  


A one-page website can help any type of company explore the various possibilities, benefits, and overall potential of simplicity in today’s convenience-hungry digital market. If you’re looking to explore a new way to attract customers and keep everyone engaged, then one-page web designs are definitely worth considering. 

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