5 Reasons Why You Need a Site Revamp in 2020

5 Reasons Why You Need a Site Revamp in 2020

Today, websites are the quickest way for people to get acquainted with your company.  Everyone has a mobile, finding your business online is as easy as typing your brand name in a search engine and clicking the link. This is why having an effective website matters to your marketing strategy.  

Your company’s website is like an ad that runs 24/7, so it makes sense to keep it relevant to your target demographic. But gauging if you need a design overhaul can be tricky at times. If you are a business owner and have seen at least one of the following happen, it may be time for a website update. 

Conversions from the site have decreased 

When your customers are not purchasing from your website, but you are seeing movement through other channels–social media, perhaps, or in-person–you might need a fresh look. Although it is a testament to the quality you provide, you are still losing potential customers. Consumers might be satisfied with your product or service but might not enjoy navigating your site. Redesigning it will drive traffic back and boost sales. 

You don’t have a mobile version 

More than half of global web traffic comes from mobiles, making it the primary way people browse today. Google now bases rankings on mobile rather than the desktop versions of sites. If you don’t contribute this into your marketing plan, you will give the impression that you cannot (or will not) keep pace with developments. 

Search engines don’t rank you highly 

A site that uses outdated strategies won’t appear in the first two pages of search results. This is because algorithms today prioritise sites whose SEO and design can be understood. An older site might be harder to index and is pushed further in the results. This can also be a reason why sales on a website would go down. 

The brand has already evolved 

If your company’s goals have changed over the past few months, spend time aligning your website with your current mission. Any marketing headway you make offline might be adversely affected by having an outdated design. You should have a sense of your site’s relevance–find out if it matches your industry’s overall look. 

You don’t tell people about the site 

In the end, a company’s public image is primarily affected by how confident the founders are when promoting it. The first fans of a brand should be the people who built it. If you are doubting whether or not you should give your website URL to a prospective client or supplier, that is all the reason you need to start shopping for a good website designer.  

A Final Word 

Website design cannot be strictly scheduled like a maintenance clean up. A company’s collateral must evolve with it, and reflect its current direction. The Online Hub is a website design and digital marketing company out of Brisbane. We build websites customised to your company’s needs, aligned with current SEO practices. Consult with us to see how we can build your business a new look today. 

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