Why You Should Avoid Free Website Builders – What To Know

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Website Builders – What to Know

These days, having a website is a necessity. Since most people look up information online before transacting with a company, you need a website to supply your target audience with details about what you do and what you’re offering. And when you set up a website for the first time, you might be tempted to resort to a “free” option to cut down costs. Every business wants to save some cash, so it’s natural that you consider website builders that offer free websites. 

However, these free websites almost always come with a catch, which is why it’s an awful idea to take up the offer. While not all free hosting providers are bad, it’s best to just avoid them altogether and choose an affordable yet reputable hosting provider to save yourself headaches and money down the line. Here’s why: 

They’re not really “free.” 

Most of these so-called free website builders usually offer freemium services, so the “free” websites they advertise aren’t truly free. Typically, they entice users with a free version of their websites and hosting services with the hopes that you’ll upgrade to the premium tier once you’ve made an account. The free versions are usually subpar, only offering the minimum amount of storage and limited customisation features. They also usually don’t have FTP access, meaning there’s no way you can transfer your content to another service.  

You end up with an unprofessional web address. 

Free website builders offer websites with, for the lack of a better word, tacky web addresses. You will probably end up having a website address that looks like “businessname.freewebsite.com,” which doesn’t come across as professional. Visitors and potential customers who land upon your website with this web address may not take you seriously since you don’t have a custom domain. With these free website builders, you’ll be asked to pay a price (usually a hefty fee) for a unique domain.  

You get irrelevant ads on your website. 

Free websites come with a price, and sometimes, the price comes in the form of advertisements. While you can create content and build a free website, the tradeoff is your page becomes littered with ads that may appear distracting, intrusive, or just downright ugly. Your competitors may even pay these free website builders to advertise on your site to try and sabotage your business.  

They can shut down your website with no warning. 

Most free website builders have terms and conditions that state that they can close your website at any time without providing you with a reason. In the event that they do, they usually don’t offer a way to return your data or save your content. Your data will be lost forever.  

They can sell your information. 

Another way of offsetting the free services they offer is by making money through information selling. On the internet, when you receive something for free, it means that you are the product. Since they can’t profit off you, they will find other ways to make money like selling your email address, phone number, personal information, and more.  

If you want to have a website that people will visit and take seriously, opt for professional services with a website design company instead. Need help with setting up yours? We specialise in local website design for small businesses, so get in touch with us today and we would love to help you out!