Why You Should Never Opt for a Free Website – What to Know

The Online Hub – 4 Reasons You Should Never Opt for a Free Website – What to Know

When it comes to the website, there is one thing you should never do, and that’s to have one made for free! While the prospects of having a website up without having to pay for anything sounds enticing, there are many reasons why it isn’t actually worth your time.  

Here’s why you should never rely on a website made for free:

It doesn’t cost a lot to have a paid website

Why should you not have a free site? First off, a paid site isn’t all that expensive to begin with. Websites you pay for are often worth every penny you invest in them, as you get to enjoy a site that’s filled with tons of features, from custom URLs to unique web designs. 

To add to this, paid websites are made by professionals, meaning you’ll have one that’ll offer the best user experience. This will help tremendously with your site’s SEO, pushing its rank up on the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page) and grabbing more visitors.

You’ll deal with limited bandwidth

If there is any reason you absolutely do not want to be working with a free website, this is it. With free sites, you’ll end up with limited bandwidths. In case you don’t know what this means, let’s say that you have a gas tank that can run your car for 3 miles. Once those three miles are up, you’re done for. The same goes for your website. Once your bandwidth is used up, it either slows down or stops responding immediately. 

As you might imagine, a slow or unresponsive website spells terrible news for your company. Not only does it leave customers frustrated, but it might also ruin your company’s reputation.

You’ll have a tougher time standing out

In a world full of businesses online are constantly competing for attention, being unique is perhaps the most significant advantage a company could ever have. That said, a free website does nothing in terms of helping you stay unique. Not only do you end up with pre-made templates that probably hundreds of other sites use, but even your URL won’t be unique. This doesn’t just hurt your credibility and uniqueness, but even Google will penalise you for making an unmemorable URL. 

In a sentence: free websites are a no-go in terms of standing out.

Your website will host random advertisements

How do free sites run without you having to pay for anything? That would be through random ads your site will end up hosting. 

While you might think that this is normal and alright to have, it isn’t. The ads that are chosen might not be related to what the user is interested in. Worse, the ad that pops up could even end up offending some people. However, the real problem with free ads is that it’ll hurt your site’s performance. With ads, when your visitors come to your website, not only will they have to load your content, but they’ll have to load the ads as well. While it isn’t your fault, they’ll blame you for the slow loading speeds and leave anyway. 


In the end, a free website will probably hurt your business more than it’ll benefit it. With slower loading speeds, poor ad choices, hard-to-remember URLs, and limited bandwidths, these are just some of the problems you’ll have to deal with if you don’t pay for your site. That said, there are many web design experts that you can hire from online, and some will even host your site for you! With the help of experts, you can enjoy a professional site that’ll be a boon for your business instead of a burden. 

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